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A Finland-based fashion agency and distribution company

Urban Trade is a Finland-based fashion agency and distribution company. Urban Trade was established in 2009. Today we offer a wide range of top brands for the top retailers in their segment in Finnish and Baltic markets. From specialized high-end fashion boutiques, sneaker stores, outdoor, denim, sports, department and chain stores to skateboarding and other specialized retailers. Co-operation with leading brands and suppliers enables reliable delivery, as well as successful business models for our customers.


Our showroom is located 1 kilometres walking distance from Tampere railway station in the historical Finlayson mill area. Area which is known as the old “town within the town” of Tampere and an essential part of the national landscape. The Finlayson area, delighting in its historical roots, has become an excellent tourist attraction with versatile services for everyone to enjoy: museums, art galleries, theatres, boutiques, a cinema complex and numerous restaurants. Tammerkoski rapids that flows in front of our windows is must see and looks unbelievable especially during dark when the lights are underlined. Tammerkoski rapids is listed as a national heritage landscape and frequently recognized as a unique and even internationally rare instance of industrial built heritage.

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